LuLuLun a well known beauty product name in Japan and an absolute bestseller. I heard about it but never tried, so as I went to Tokyo last year I took a chance and bought a big pack of those sheet masks.

There are different face masks from this brand, my pick was a limited edition Premium version in golden package that’s looks really cute, glam and very girly.

The pack includes a weekly treatment, 7 sheets, all packed together, not separately wrapped. LuLuLun is affordable and very good quality beauty product. The slogan “PuLuLuLun for girls all over the world.” So I was looking forward to try it.

And of course I did. On the video below you can see the short overview of this mask.
Some general and very important things you should follow before using the mask, as every mask is a high concentration (kind of serum) of great beauty ingredients for your skin and to allow them to work and achieve best results your face should be very clean. I use the masks in the evening, then I have time and can relax to have better results so usually have following steps:

  • Cleaning the face with a special soap or foam
  • Using peeling (but not more often then twice a week)
  • Sheet mask (for 15 min)
  • Eye creme (after the mask)
  • Night creme

I can only say that I liked it and I wasn’t disappointed. After 15 min the mask was nearly dry and as I took it off, my skin felt moisture, soft and silky. The face was not wet as with some other masks I already tried, the skin absorbed the serum very well and the face looked relaxed and fresh. I usually take the sheet I took of the face and wish with the “left  overs” my neck, so it get’s some of the serum as well.

There is no need to use it every day, you can do it like a beauty treatment for the whole week or 2-3 times a week.

I’m happy I tried it and next time when I have a chance I will buy it for sure, as it’s perfect for traveling as you can give an extra kick into your beauty routine for your skin and it’s a great price for what you get.

In the meantime you can order them on Amazon online.


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