Koelf PEARL Korean beauty

Tonight I would like to introduce to you another Asian beauty product, this time from Korea.

It’s hydro gel eye patches shea butter called Pearl from Koelf cosmetic.

Korean beauty products counts to the best ones in the world, as the ingrediences are rare and in high concentration.

Koelf eye patches are different then normal eye masks as they are not as wet as others and you can leave them 30-40 minutes as the essences from the patch getting absorbed by the skin and the patch itself gets thinner as it’s on water basis.

I like the feeling that you get after 15 minutes, the area under your eyes tightens and after 30 minutes, after removing the patches you have visible results as the skin looks fresher, is firmer and the fine lines lookes reduced.

I use them 2-3 times a week and when I travel I enjoy to make a small concentrated beauty treatment and use them every day for 4 days or so.

One thing that’s really important when you use eye mask (and any other mask as well) after taking the mask off you should use your moisturizer or anti-aging creme.

This eye mask is available online on  Amazon. I’m buying my Asian beauty products on my travels to Asia or every time when I’m somewhere at TJ Maxx (in some countries TK Maxx) as there you can get real bargains!



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