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Shane’s in Munich

The name Shane MacMahon is known between the foodies as this Irish chef came to Munich in his twenties and opened phenomenal gourmet heaven with his name – Shane’s.

Shane’s is located in the Derag Princes Elisabeth 4 Star Hotel. The restaurant has a nice size, it’s not too empty so you can be scared to have a conversation and not too big so you still have an impression to be in a special place. The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff very professional.

The concept of this restaurant is unusual, you do not have menu a la carte, you can only choose whether you want to have 5, 6, 7 or 8 courses and you need to tell if you have any allergies, are vegetarian or anything else you can’t stand as the menu is a well kept secret, you only find out what you have on your plate when it will be served. So surprise surprise.

And another thing you need to decide is, if you want to have accompanied wine with your meal so you will get to each course a perfectly selected glas of wine.

We decided to go with 4 courses and a sorbet.

  • As a start we’ve got a potato bread with some chickpeas paste.
  • Greetings from the kitchen: Polenta with ice and french dressing.
  • Grilled scallops with pumpkin in sweet&sour sauce with mini carrots, shiitake and avocado creme.
  • Grilled cod fish in a soy sauce.
  • Irish beef steak with pastinake and winter broccoli
  • Vanilla ice with salted caramel chocolate or Cheese

Every dish was explained by a waiter and you looked at your plate as its a canvas with a beautiful painting.

Everything was prepared with fantasy, know-how and finesse into the smallest details. I enjoyed every minute and the meal was definitely worth the money. Its a right place to choose if you want to celebrate something special or enjoy the creativity of a master chef.

It was my first visit to Shane’s and I’m pretty sure not the last one.

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