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Trip to Abu Dhabi luxury car show Part 2

If you think about Abu Dhabi or Emirates in general you think about luxury. And that’s exactly what you see there. Not only in shops, hotels and restaurants but specially in those dream sports cars! 

Since 2009 came even Formula 1 to Abu Dhabi and the race track is the modernst and luxurious compare to all others. If you like F1 you should go there and see it ones, the scenery is comparable to Monaco and Singapore as it’s located on a spectacular Yas Island, on marina and the race allows the incredible speed up to 325 km/h! You get already tickets from 300€ (standing) and for 1.500€ (VIP) so if it’s your dream then book in advance but don’t forget about flight and hotel as it’s can be even more expensive. The best hotel that you can only imagine for this event can be only Yas Viceroy as it’s located direct on the circuit! I stayed in this hotel and will tell about it in my next Abu Dhabi Part 3.

So back to those beauties, to the luxury sports cars you can see in Abu Dhabi. As Formula 1 is just a week in the year, the circuit is not closed the rest of the weeks, there are still many events going on and if you want you can be at one of those unique happenings. Under Yas Marina Circuit you can see so many different possibilies for a one in a lifetime experience. 

So during my stay at 5 star hotel Yas Viceroy there was an evening drive on the race and I never saw something like this in my life before! All those mind blowing and enormously expensive cars, all in front of the hotel so you don’t even know where to look first, at Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes? Millions of Dollars standing around and waiting until they can feel the surface of the circuit and show all those stunned watchers that they are not only made for standing but for speed and sound! This sound is like a music for the car lover and even some who are pretending that they “don’t care” can’t stand quietly and need to move into the direction of the circuit to see them just some seconds when they pass you and when you gasp for air the next one is already gone. You are standing there, enjoying this marvelous atmosphere and listen to the song of engines, looking at the colorful speed line of passing beauties.

Here is a small gallery of some of them.

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