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Trip to Abu Dhabi Part 1

Abu Dhabi is a capital and the second largest city in UAE. Surrounded by sea from one side and the desert on another, it’s in between of two natural powers water and sand and honestly I think you feel it when you get there.

The best way to come to Abu Dhabi it’s to take Etihad airline it’s one of the best airlines in the world and I had only best experiences with this airline (flew already all classes, eco, business and first). Service is great, they have nice food and keeping everything clean. Entertainment program is also better then on many other airlines.

But my entertaining program was the view out of the window and the spectacular change between mountains, desert and the blue sky. It was even a bit scary to fly for a long time over the yellow “mountains” of the sand. The business class offers you all ammentities you wish, Champagner before the start, comfortable chairs and more privacy due to separated seat position. 

The meal is delicious, not overcoocked with nice taste.

When you see Abu Dhabi from the plain it’s looks like a children play ground as everything is artificial, middle in a desert. The skyscrapers looking dominant and always are an eye catching part of every city.

I never went to Abu Dhabi on holiday, it’s always business trips but still you get a good overview after many years. Why would I say you should come here:

  • Golf (great opportunities and for the ones who want to golf in a winter time, here is the temperature perfect for it)
  • Shopping (you have great shopping malls with all kind of shops from luxury to basic)
  • Relax in a nice hotel and the beach (of course has Abu Dhabi luxury  spa hotels)
  • Formula 1 (if you are a car freak then some here for car watching not only during F1 season)
  • Desert safari tour (even an overnight one is possible)
  • To get a general feeling about Arabic culture, see the majestic falcons or just few but incredibly beautiful sightseeing spots

You can prepare a lot in advance for your trip, even Etihad offers great tour variety you can choose from. So take a look as there is really a lot you can do even with a limited amount of time.

Another great thing about Abu Dhabi are buffet restaurants and as a foodie you will enjoy it here. Every hotel offers many great restaurants and usually there will be the one that have a buffet offer in the evening. So check this as well or ask your concierge for the recommendation.

I must admit that the most impressive dinner I had in the Emirates Palace that belongs to the luxury 5 Star Kempinski Hotel group. This fenomenal hotel hosts the most exclusive restaurants of Abu Dhabi and after the mosc the most must see of Abu Dhabi. You don’t need to stay there but you need to visit it. When you enter inside you will be stunned and speechless by how beyond belief this site is. As you are in the lap of luxury there. Take your time as you will be overwhelmed. You can walk around and get outside, discover this beauty and choose between the restaurants they have on site. As mentioned, the buffet they offer was the best I had in this city!

But also luxury hotels like Ritz or Yas Viceroy offers great dining experience. You can find any kind of cuisine from local to sushi or American steak. I’m sure that you can find your favorite and really for nearly every budget.

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