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Trip to Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Part 3

As already mentioned Abu Dhabi is great for shopping. In summer to escape the heat you can spend nearly the whole day in a mall without getting bored or seeing the same shops twice. The number one from all the malls is Abu Dhabi Mall with over 200 shops, cinema and restaurants. But I would like to give you a brief overview of Yas Marina Mall located on the beautiful Yas Island. You can easily access it and if you are staying on Yas Island there is a free shuttle bus to the mall.

The Mall is opened till 10 p.m. and is home to all kind of shops, restaurants and entertainment center. From here you can enter the famous Ferrari World! But you need time here, so the best duty split is –  your husband or your boyfriend (best taking kids there as well) spend the time at roller coaster, driving the Ferrari, going on a factory tour etc. there is a lot to spot, even a waterworld and you enjoy strolling trough all those shops reading the famous designer names at the front, getting inspirations and latest fashion trends! So take your family and just go there and check what is the perfect ticket for you to enjoy the red world of Ferrari or stay in a shopping paradise.

So this mall has something for everyone. As it’s not only full with great shopping opportunities but is also beautifully designed with nice areas to discover. Even the parking is devided for the ones for luxury designer shopping (is close to such kind of shops) and the ones for normal parking.

 In the mall you can find beauty, like Jo Malone, fashion from Gucci, Dior, BCBG, Louboutin, luxury chocolates, unique Parfums etc, but also Nike, Zara and so much more for every budget and every need. So go there and have a wonderful day with shopping successes and treasure hunting. And if you are tired there is a good choice of nice cafes and restaurants to relax and take a break before next great must have will be spotted and your credit card start glowing. And when you leave Yas Marina Mall don’t forget to collect your man and kids from the Ferrari world….



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